Gospel Music Arts

Diane and Mildred have a special ability to recognize musical talent. Each and every artist featured on the Gospel Music Arts will always impress with amazing music, beautiful vocals, and a sincere love for Gospel Bluegrass, Country and Old Tyme Music. You will hear in each song a simple testimony! Each week on the Telecast Diane and Mildred's showcase talent from the Appalachian region of Tennessee and Virginia. If you watch long enough you will surely see someone you know!

Abingson | Virginia

The Holston River Boys

The amazing Holston River Boys hail from Abingdon, Virginia. These six gentlemen are often featured on the Gospel Music Arts Telecast. They also participate in the Annual Gospel Music Arts Celebration held each September at Shiloh Free Will Baptist Church in Bristol, VA. You can find them on Facebook and they have several YouTube videos available.
The Holston River Boys are:

  • Wayne Dye
  • Stafford Statzer
  • Kenneth Taylor
  • Austin Greer
  • Aaron Taylor
  • and Neil Reynolds

Dickenson County | Virginia

The New Harvest Brothers

Dickenson County Virginia is proud to be the home of the The New Harvest Brothers. You can find these fellows traveling throughout the region visiting various churches and fellowshipping with their brothers and sister in the Lord.
This fine goup of musicians are:

  • Scott Mullins, vocals and guitar
  • Mike Mullins, vocals and guitar
  • Tim Powers, mandolin
  • Jonathon Mullins, bass
  • Buddy Carico, vocals and guitar
  • Daniel Carico, vocals and guitar
  • and Chris Jackson, dobro

Greeneville | Tennessee

Strong Ties

Strong Ties Bluegrass Gospel band located in Greeneville, TN stay busy and you can find them playing at churches all across East Tennessee
Strong Ties are:

  • Tom Bullen, fiddle
  • Eric Fillers, mandolin
  • John Morgan, guitar
  • Chris Hensley, banjo
  • and Brandon McInturff, bass

Parker | Colorado

Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, photo by Clyde Clevenger

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado is a high-energy five-piece bluegrass band located in the Western Frontier state of Colorado. Their distinctive sound showcases an eclectic range of influences that marry second and third generation bluegrass, delivering a unique experience that captivates audiences and keeps them guessing: It’s a powerful, high mountain “bluegrass explosion” that features world-class banjo and mandolin playing, incredible vocals, a solid and energetic rhythm and an easy stage banter that has delighted listeners all over the world.
Jeff Scroggins and Colorado are:

  • Tristan Scroggins, mandolin
  • Greg Blake, vocals
  • Jeff Scroggins, banjo
  • Ellie Hakanson, fiddle and vocals
  • and Mark Schatz, bass

Regional | Virginia and Tennessee

The GMA Bluegrass Band

The GMA Bluegrass Band's musical accompaniment of Diane and Mildred's songs is traditional and solid. There is no eagerness to impress with blazing solos, simply support of the songs and their message, tastefully placed in each arrangement. Each instrument is given room in the arrangements to testify!
The GMA Blulegrass Band Members are:

  • Wayne Dye, fiddle and mandolin
  • Kenneth Taylor, rhythm guitar
  • Neil Reynolds, lead guitar
  • Austin Greer, banjo
  • and Stafford Statzer, bass
“Gospel Music Arts exists to help preserve Grassroots Gospel music, with its hearty sound and acoustical musical instruments, and to provide a platform for like-minded musicians who are passionate for this style of music and its power to inspire, encourage, and transform lives.”