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Positive music has remarkable healing powers. It helps to reduce blood pressure. It speeds up stroke recovery. It calms and relaxes the nerves and helps you to sleep. Positive music is sunshine. It can aleviate depression renewing you and your attitude.
The music of Gospel Music arts is reaching across all demographics. The message of the music is getting noticed and covered by a variety of news outlets. This helps The Word spread across the globe.

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Diane and Mildred | I Would Love to Write a Song

Diane and Mildred’s I Would Love to Write a Song has finally been released and is now available! “I Would Love to Write a Song” is the sixth CD from Gospel Music Arts. It features beloved songs reminding us of the everlasting love God has for his people.

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Reverbnation | Reverbnation.com


BRISTOL, Va. — Once again Diane and Mildred's Gospel Music Arts have topped the Country Music Charts in Bristol Virginia

Reverbnation Chart

Tom Netherland | Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee

Bristol Herald Courier

BRISTOL, Va. — Hallelujah, God! “Praise the Lord,” said Mildred Statzer. “Amen,” Diane McKoy punctuated. A packed house of hallelujahs among an amen choir of believers heralds Diane and Mildred’s forthcoming 10th annual Gospel Music Arts Celebration. Contribute to the praise on Sept. 24 at Shiloh Free Will Baptist Church on Benhams Road in Bristol, Virginia...

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Lorraine Walker | SGN Scoops Magazine Coastal Media

Southern Gospel Music News

TRI-CITIES, Tenn./Va. - The harmony of Diane and Mildred is different than what we hear from the Everly or Delmore Brothers or other family groups. These wonderful groups sing together as one person, with every nuance of melody reflected in each voice, with a timbre matched like the fine woods of a quality mandolin. Diane and Mildred, however, ...

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“Gospel Music Arts exists to help preserve Grassroots Gospel music, with its hearty sound and acoustical musical instruments, and to provide a platform for like-minded musicians who are passionate for this style of music and its power to inspire, encourage, and transform lives.”