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Gospel Music Arts is a ministry of music. The American culture is knitted from the fabric of Grassroots Gospel Music. In fact all American music has evolved from Gospel music. The sound of the banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, fiddle, Dobro, bass, washboard, harmonies, solos, combined with inspirational music of the heart regarding Faith in Christ, Hope of Glory, Love of God and encouraging Testimonies, are the texture of Gospel Music Arts.

We hope as you browse through our CD's you will be uplifted by the melodies and your heart will be filled with the joy of Christ!

Diane and Mildred’s new CD is now available! “Old Brush Arbor Days” is the fifth CD from Gospel Music Arts. This amazing CD recounts the early days of outdoor camp meetings. These Revivals gave people who lived in isolated areas a chance to hear Gospel preaching, toe-tapping hum-singing, heavenly praises, testimonial songs, altar prayers, and experience a real blessing of a power move-of-God.

This CD is expecially for everybody, Including You! Get your copy today!

CD Brush Arbor

Diane and Mildred's CD's

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God's Seasons
Sacred Songs in the Smokies
Singing Gospel Songs In The Appalachians
Pickin' N Singin' Gospel Songs In The Country (Volume 2)
Pickin' N Singin' Gospel Songs In The Country (Volume 1)

Mildred's CD's

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God Carries Me
Through The Years
A Tribute to Rev. Walter L Statzer
Songs From My Heart
God's Seasons - No Longer Available

Diane's CD's

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Ready Or Not Here I Come
Live & Hot Collector’s Edition - Vol. 1
*New York City’s Singing Conquerors was New York City’s First Bluegrass Gospel Band,
founded by Diane McKoy
Bluegrass & Country Gospel Roots Sprouting
Glory Land Way New York City's Singing Conquerors Original Lineup
“Gospel Music Arts exists to help preserve Grassroots Gospel music, with its hearty sound and acoustical musical instruments, and to provide a platform for like-minded musicians who are passionate for this style of music and its power to inspire, encourage, and transform lives.”